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License Plate Restoration
I've studied the art of body and paint and picked up lettering and pinstriping on the way. 


I discovered at car shows that the first thing people forget to do is restore their license plates. Many cars have a beautiful paint job with beat-up license plates. I've heard horror stories from fellow car builders about the difficulties they have refurbishing their license plates. 





My first step in the restoration process involves removing the paint by chemical remover. I don’t sand blast as the sand will heat the license plate and push the particles around warping the metal. This results in oil canning, a condition that all metal men hate.

Once the plates are stripped and treated with metal prep, I start on the body work.

I complete the process of body filler and hi-build epoxy primer.

I use an acrylic urethane base coat clear coat by (Valspar).

After completing the base coat, I start on the hand brushed application of applying straight enamel lettering paint.

Once the enamel is dried, I’ll clear coat the entire license plate to lock down the enamel.

You will have the option of semi gloss that looks period correct or high gloss.

The back of the plate will also be painted and clear coated.
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